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Single-Engine Training

Jones Brothers is a both a single and multi engine training facility.  Offering multiple aircraft for your training experience. Our single engine seaplanes are a Cessna 180, Cessna 150 and the newest addition is a Husky Amphibious Husky (A-1B). All are able to accomplish training from private to ATP skill level.

"In addition to providing initial SES instruction. Jones Brothers Seaplanes has instructors with 1000's of hours of real world experience in operating seaplanes commercially. While we can't show you every kind of Bush flying experience we can give you many of the same scenarios that you could experience in real bush flying.  Florida offers many wild places with tight quarters, docking,  salt water and river experience. Jones Brother's senior instructors all have experience operating and instructing in these areas. Advanced training, time building and block time is available year round by request. 

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Multi-Engine Training

Our Twin Engine Seaplane trainer is one of only a handful of Twin Engine Seabees ever built, in fact, we operate the newest Twin Seabee in the remaining fleet. Ours is Serial Number 23 of 23 ever built.

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Jones Brothers is proud to announce that we are a Gold Seal Certified flight school!

Jones Brothers Air And Sea
150 East Ruby Street
Tavares, Florida 32778