Seaplane Flying Club


Everyone agrees a seaplane rating is some of the most enjoyable flying you ever get the opportunity to do. So why stop the fun after the rating?! Jones Brothers has established a seaplane solo flying club that allows solo seaplane rental to promote seaplane flying and currency AFTER you get the rating.  Put it to use and keep those stick and rudder skills honed with some good old seat of your pants seaplane flying.  Members can fly to lunch, take the aircraft for an overnight getaway, or just splash around for an hour of fun.

Limited Time!! Join our Seaplane Flying Club and get your SES rating for only $795!! Details: Get your rating in our J3 cub for only $795. You will use the annual checkout flight from your club membership for the checkride (examiner’s fee still applies). Then you will be able to use the 5 hours flight time that comes with membership to build the 10 hours on floats required to solo in the flying club.


Reserve your block of time for our Seaplane Flying Club! Half day blocks are available each day starting at 10am and 2pm. Remember, two overnights is the limit on each reservation. So please do not make reservations for more than 6 consecutive half day time slots.
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We have countless pilots ask:
What can I do with a seaplane rating once I get one? 
Does anyone rent floatplanes?

We are excited to announce:

“You can rent a floatplane right here at Jones Brothers in Tavares, Florida, America’s Seaplane City”.

Here’s how it works:

  • $0 initiation fee or stock purchase
  • $49.50/month dues
  • $50/month renters insurance premium (zero deductible policy to protect members if anything were to happen to an aircraft while in their possession AND can be used at any airport for other aircraft rentals)
  • $100/month included flight time (30 minutes per month flight time that accumulates to 6 hours per year included with membership.  Covers annual checkout plus 5 hours solo or dual for new seaplane pilots to accumulate the required 10 hours on floats for solo.
  • Total monthly investment= $199.50 (dues+insurance premium+included flight time)
  • Only a 1 year commitment and NO stock buyout required for resignation
  • FREE Jones Brothers Embroidered PFG shirt
  • 1st quarter due upon initial membership:
    • Month 1: $199.50 x 3 = $598.50
    • Months 2-10: $199.50
    • Months 11-12: $0
  • 1 year renewals = $199.50/ month.
  • Wet Hourly flight rate $199.50 for hours used beyond the 6 hours included In membership.
  • Available aircraft include:
  • Piper J3 Cub, 100hp, with electric start, radios and transponder for airspace.
  • Searey 914 turbo certified LSA amphib

Join the Seaplane Solo Flying Club today!
If you are ready to join, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and read the Rules of Operation,
  2. Download the insurance form and fill it out.
    Please see our Mobile PDF help page on how to do this on your mobile device.
  3. Fill out the Seaplane Flying Club online application and upload the completed insurance form.
    After the form is completed, you will be able to continue with your first quarter membership payment.
  • Fuel reimbursements on the hourly wet rate will be the FA1 retail fuel price minus $0.25 per gallon.
  • Maximum 2 consecutive overnight rental
  • All operations must be in fresh water (no salt or brackish water ops)
  • All operations must be during daylight hours.
  • Pilots must meet minimum times of 250 total hours with a single engine sea rating or light sport ses endorsement, and 10 hours on floats. (Members may join with less float time but must accrue the time to reach 10 hours on floats with a Jones Brothers instructor before taking the aircraft solo).

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