Seaplane Ratings and Instruction

GoldSealJones Brothers is a Gold Seal certified flight school located in Central Florida offering single engine seaplane ratings and seaplane instruction. We think you will find our rates very competitive as you take a look at our options below.  We tailor the training specifically to your needs and spend extra attention to water work needed in real world float plane flying.  Our package that includes fly-in lunches not only adds more fun to the experience, it also introduces many different real world docking and beaching situations which are extremely important skill sets to master.  Call Jones Brothers at 352-508-1800 or email us at to reserve your block of training for your single engine seaplane rating, or book below online.  And after your seaplane rating, be sure to join our Seaplane SOLO Flying Club to stay current, maintain proficiency, and have tons of fun on floats!!  If you are interested in an introduction to seaplane flying or recurrency without the entire course for the rating, check out our rates on our Dual Instruction Page.


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 Basic Single-Engine Seaplane Rating = $1295

Rate: $1295 + examiner’s fee.
Jones Brothers offers multiple levels of training for seaplane ratings.  Our basic seaplane rating covers the essential skills needed for a SES rating in a classic J3 100hp Cub. Training is a 2-3 day course and includes 5-6 hours of flying time. Our basic single engine sea trainer is:

  • Cessna 140  (straight floats)


High Performance and/or Complex Single-Engine Seaplane Rating = $1795

Rate: $1795 + examiner’s fee
Jones Brothers offers a more in depth training experience in high performance and/or complex aircraft. Training is a 2-3 day course and includes 5-6 hours of flying time. Our single engine seaplanes for this option are:

Cessna 185 (straight floats) – 300HP (high performance and complex)
Amphibious Husky (A-1B) – 180 HP (complex amphib)


Single-Engine Seaplane Rating PACKAGES:

Our package deal literally includes EVERYTHING, even the bathroom sink!

Packages include items listed below:   Basic package = $1995; High Performance/Complex package = $2495

  • 2 night waterfront room stay at Keywest Resort overlooking the seaplane base and within walking distance to the dock
  • Hot Breakfast each morning
  • Fly-in lunch
  • 5-6 hours instruction
  • check ride
  • Examiner’s fee


Booking Instruction Time
Our normal instruction time begins on Weekday mornings at 10 am.  However, If you need a weekend start date, please contact us at or 352-508-1800 and we will be happy to meet your scheduling needs.  To book your block of instruction during our normal times please, click “make a reservation”.  You will be prompted to select an instruction start date. Then you will be asked to enter your contact details and credit card info for a $300 deposit to lock in your dates. We will send an email with pertinent information about your instruction, times and locations, (and accommodations if you have chosen a package). You will thoroughly enjoy your stay in America’s seaplane city! Everything you need is within walking distance from the hotel and seaplane base. We look forward to flying with you soon!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for help reserving your  block of instruction.


Advanced Single Engine Seaplane Training = $3695 + exam fee

Why stop with just the rating.  With our advanced instruction option, pilots will start on straight floats; then, once the seaplane rating is complete, venture on to amphibious floats and flying boats.  Due to the complexity of lining up multiple aircraft and instructors, please call or email us to reserve your dates.  With a total of 10 hours flight time in this course (4-5 days),  we will cover:

  • the additional safety steps involved in amphib flying
  • the vast differences in handling characteristics between floats and flying boats
  • more in depth attention to actual confined area operations
  • and other advanced techniques.
  • Plus with 10 hours of seaplane flying time, you will qualify for our Seaplane SOLO Flying Club!!
  • To turn the advanced rating into a package that includes the package items listed above, the total cost is $4695 and will include 4 nights accomodations.

 Searey Training:

Go to our Searey Training Page For information on Searey training, including:

  • SES rating in a flying boat (Searey)
  • Light Sport SES ratings
  • Introduction/Demo to flying boats
  • Recurrency
  • Transition training for new Searey owners

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