Dual Instruction

Unless you join our Seaplane Flying Club, we cannot rent our seaplanes out for solo flying, but come fly dual with us to enjoy the hundreds of lakes and rivers of Lake County, Florida.  America’s Seaplane City’s seaplane base (FA1) is the perfect place to fly out of for:

  • Recurrency
  • BFR-Biennial flight review
  • Just for the fun of flying low and slow
  • Many lakefront restaurants to choose from to beach up for the “$100 burger”

Cessna 185 on straight floats ($345/hour)
Husky A1-B Amphib ($375/hour)
Piper J3 Cub 100HP ($245/hour)
Cessna 206 Amphib ($445 per hour)

Book 1 Hour Dual Instruction

We also provide instruction and sign offs in pilots’ newly purchased aircraft, which is often required by insurance companies for coverage.    Our daily rate for instruction in your own airplane is $500.  We are qualified to provide sign offs in quite a variety of seaplanes.  Please Contact us for details, availability and scheduling.

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