Searey Training

Jones Brothers is a certified searey instruction flight school. We offer searey training for private and commercial ses ratings as well as the light sport ses endorsement. Our flying boat trainer can be used for BFR’s, dual recurrency, as well as intro/demo flights. We also provide transition training for new searey owners to become safe and proficient in their newly purchased aircraft.

Hourly rate for dual/demo: $345 (bfr +$50)  Get an introduction to flying boats by flying with one of our instructors in a Searey.  Whether you are simply curious of the differences in floats versus hulls, interested in making a purchase decision between a floatplane and flying boat, or just want to have some fun flying a Searey…an hour or so in our trainer will be just what you are looking for.  And, it’s a very creative way to accomplish a BFR!

Searey Orientation for perspective buyers: $1395 Thinking about purchasing a Searey but would like to have a bit of left seat time before making the decision? No problem! Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pilot,  this one-day course will give you a thorough introduction to the safe operation of the Certified Searey on land and water. You will be introduced to Searey systems, performance, maneuvers, water and tailwheel operations, and LSA ownership. The course includes up to 4 hours of flight instruction in a Searey and ground instruction.

SES Flying Boat Rating/or Tailwheel Endorsement: $1795 (+ examiners fee)
Get your SES rating or SES light sport endorsement in a flying boat versus on floats.  If a hull style seaplane “floats your boat”, then this is the training option for you! Training is a 2-3 day course and includes 5-6 hours of flying time.

SES Flying Boat Rating/or Tailwheel Endorsement Package: $2495
The package is the identical course as the standalone rating above, but also includes everything you need for your stay:
2 night waterfront room stay at Keywest Resort overlooking the seaplane base and within walking distance to the dock
Hot Breakfast each morning
Fly-in lunch
2-3 day course with 5-6 hours flight time
check ride
Examiner’s fee

SES light sport endorsement: $300
If you are a light sport pilot, you will simply need an endorsement from an instructor for your light sport SES rating.  So once you have completed your training and have the initial instructor’s endorsement stating you are ready for the “practical test”, we can accommodate your proficiency check with the additional instructor needed for your sign off for $300.

Transition training (in pilot’s own aircraft): $500 Daily Rate ($1000 minimum)
For new Searey owners, we offer certified Searey training in your newly purchased aircraft.  As a certified Searey instruction flight school, we follow the 13.5 hour approved syllabus that includes the appropriate ground school and flight training to meet insurance requirements necessary for coverage on your aircraft. Transition training typically takes 3-4 days and you will fly off in your Searey with the confidence needed to enjoy the adventures of real world seaplane flying.  For pilots interested in completing the certified training before purchasing their own Searey, We can offer the factory certified course in our Searey for the $345 hourly rate.

Please call us at 352-508-1800 to book your block of training today!

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